We offer quality installation of traditional, real (hard-coat) stucco in all variations. The most popular is a three-coat stucco system. It comes in different thicknesses: ½, ¾ or occasionally thicker. We apply different finish coats: acrylic or natural Portland cement, which can also be painted with a Thorolastic finish coat. These finish coats can be smooth, standard textured, or free styled - custom made to your unique design.

Our services include:

- stucco application on new construction projects, additions or on existing elevations

- stucco application on frame, brick, and concrete walls

- stucco repair and restoration

- exterior stucco painting with Thorolastic products

- removal of old siding, EIFS or other existing exterior elevations

- wall decoration with  EPS and stucco details: trims, sills, quoins, crown moldings, bends, arches, etc.

- stucco wall decoration with thin brick, cultured stone and natural thin stone veneers 

Because hard-coat stucco has been recently gaining popularity over synthetic stucco Exterior Insulation and Finish System, majority of our projects are in traditional stucco. However, if your project calls for synthetic stucco, we are certified installers. We use moisture drainage systems and can assure that properly installed EIFS does not cause any future problems.

All stucco systems are economical, durable and long-lasting. They use low maintenance finish materials. Stucco provides a variety of colors and textures that improve appearance of any structure and creates unique designs, which will make your project truly outstanding.